[ faqs 2 ]

6. Can I count on confidentiality when I send you an assignment?
Needless to say, I take confidentiality extremely seriously. Signing a confidentiality agreement will guarantee confidentiality and I am happy to do this. Moreover, in my capacity as a state authorized translator, I am statutorily bound to observe professional secrecy.

7. Will my email address be given out to any third parties?
Absolutely no email addresses will be given out to any third parties.

8. What does language editing entail?
Language editing entails your text being examined for spelling, grammatical, and stylistic errors and corrected accordingly.Your text will also be corrected to give it a better flow and a more idiomatic feel; in other words, to make it more readable, understandable, and natural.

9. What does translation entail?
Translation entails your text being transformed into idiomatic, correct, and natural English and focused on the target group in question.

10. Which types of documents do you accept?
Anglokonsult accepts all common file types (Word, PDF, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, HTML, RTF, and text files) as well as paper.

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